1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University Department of Nephrology

About us

The Department of Nephrology has a long history of significant expertise in acute and chronic renal failure. The department offers services in the areas of hypertension, acute and chronic kidney disease, including ANCA associated vasculitis and systemic diseases affecting the kidney. We provide intensive care Nephrology as well as chronic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.  In the area of renal transplantation we cooperate with the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, IKEM.  As part of the General Faculty Hospital, the Department of Nephrology is aligned with the Intensive Care Unit (OAM), department of Urology, Institute of Rheumatology, Institute of Genetics, Institute of Hereditary Metabolic diseases and Instutite for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM), enabling us to better serve patients in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease


Range of activities:  

·                                 Renal biopsy

·                                 Center for ANCA vasculitis

·                                 Center for Lupus Nephritis

·                                 Center for Amyloidosis

·                                 Chronic glomerulonephritides

·                                 Secondary hypertension

·                                 Hereditary renal diseases

·                                 Acute renal failure

·                                 Intensive Care Nephrology Service, continual renal replacement therapies

·                                 Chronic kidney  disease

·                                 Cardiovascular complications of renal patients

·                                 Chronic Dialysis Services – hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis

·                                 Plasmapheresis

·                                 Undergraduate and postgraduate education

·                                 Clinical Research


Nephrology-Critical Care Unit (OAM) has experience in areas such as acute care medicine, acid-base physiology and fluid-electrolyte problems, dialysis therapies in both renal and non-renal indications such as intoxications, ARDS and multiple organ systems failures. The department provide various techniques for treatment of acute renal failure such as slow continuous ultrafiltration, continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration and venovenous hemofiltration.


Clinical Nephrology and Hypertension

Nephrology clinical practice includes outpatient as well as inpatient services. The Department of Nephrology has been recognized as a national resource for glomerulonephritis and ANCA vasculitis patient care and research. The Department is renowned for its expertise in the areas autoimmune kidney disease, including systemic diseases. Hypertension secondary to renal artery disease has been the interest of department members in cooperation with the Department of Radiology and the Department of Urology. Our Department participates in various international clinical research trials, such as SHARP, ALMS, CYCLOFA-LUNE, MYCYC, PRIMO, EPPIC, RITUXVAS and others.


Chronic Dialysis Services

Our chronic dialysis unit provides regular hemodialysis treatment to approximately 60 patients. We provide all the various forms of Extracorporeal therapy currently in practice. Emphasis is placed on dialysis prescription and access viability. We provide both continuous ambulatory PD and automated PD in a population of about 15 patients. These patiens are followed in the PD outpatient cloníc.



The Department is actively involved in clinical and basic research. About 3-4 research projects on kidney diseases are funded here annually.